Lab Grown Diamond round Brilliant Tennis Necklace 10.00 Carats

Description: Elevate your style with the breathtaking beauty of this Lab Grown Diamond Round Brilliant Tennis Necklace. Featuring a mesmerizing 10.00 carat array of round brilliant lab grown diamonds, this necklace embodies pure luxury and sophistication. Each diamond is meticulously set in a seamless line, creating a stunning display of continuous sparkle and brilliance. Crafted with precision and impeccable craftsmanship, this necklace exudes elegance and timeless allure. The lab grown diamonds, known for their exceptional quality and ethical sourcing, radiate a dazzling light that catches every eye. The delicate yet sturdy chain adds a touch of grace, ensuring the necklace sits perfectly around your neck. Make a bold and glamorous statement with this exquisite Lab Grown Diamond Round Brilliant Tennis Necklace, a true masterpiece of refined beauty and luxury.

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Metal: 14KT White Gold

Diamond: 10.00 Carat total weight. Lab Grown

Model #: nn329wg_1000

Brand: Diamond-Envy

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